Boiling Fever

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Boiling Fever
(Pestilentia aquas)
Artwork of Boiling Fever
Species is extinct.
23/149, Integrated into Pestilence genus
Creator Building Blocks Other
Pestilentia aquas
Week/Generation 18/124
Habitat Rhodix Vents, Jujubee Ocean (Sunlight Zone), Jujubee Ocean (Twilight Zone), Jujubee Ocean (Abyss Zone), Jujubee Ocean (Sea Floor), LadyM Ocean (Sunlight Zone), LadyM Ocean (Twilight Zone), LadyM Ocean (Abyss Zone), LadyM Ocean (Sea Floor), BigL Coast, Clayren Coast, Flisch Coast, Huggs Coast, Huggs Island Coast, Hydro Coast, Ittiz Coast, Krakow Coast, North Polar Coast, Nuke Coast, Ovi Coast, Soma Coast, South Polar Coast (East), South Polar Coast (West), Yokto Coast, Truteal Sea Caves, Allen Ice Cave, Yannick Ice Cave
Size Microscopic
Support Unknown
Diet Parasite (Cave Zapper, Diamiboard Shocker, Dark Giant Shovelhead, Coastal Shovelhead, Green Swarmer, Dark Swarmer, Cave Swarmer, Rearing Swarmer, Gateway Swarmer, Gateway Gorger, Flying Swarmer, Green Shocker, Ice Swarmer, Plated Battleswarmer, South Polar Swarmer, Krakow Swarmer, Cryoswarmer, Dawn Thief, Oceanundi, Vicefang Nailfin, Acerax Pipent, Coastal Nailfin, Big-Mouthed Nailfin, Pedeeater Pakahe, Aquahe)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Mitosis

The boiling fever has replaced its ancestor in the oceans of Sagan 4. Boiling fever is a terrible disease that is spread though tainted water that affects most descendants of the manta plent. Boiling fever can remain dormant until its host is in stress, the hormone changes tell the disease to begin to split rapidly. Its effects are: very high fever, permanent brain/nerve cell loss, delirium, confusion,and improper digestion.

Living Relatives (click to show/hide)

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  • Pestilence (genus Pestilentia)