Digging Onyroslee

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Digging Onyroslee
(Fossorisiren diggus)
Artwork of Digging Onyroslee
Species is extinct.
19/125, Ice Comet Impact Event
Creator Hydromancerx Other
Fossorisiren diggus
Week/Generation 18/119
Habitat Yokto High Desert, Yokto High Grassland
Size 1 m Long
Support Unknown
Diet Herbivore (Ministalk, Hypnodrak, Doublestalk, Sunstalk, Giant Chamber Stalk)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Sexual, Hard Shelled Eggs
Descendant of Ancestor of

The digging onyroslee replaced its ancestor the onyroslee. Spending more and more time on land it has adapted to dig underground in the soil. To do this it has evolved a larger horn and claws on its front flippers to help dig. Its coloring is brown to blend in with the soil more and its back crest have evolved into spines to protect it when moving on the surface where predators could attack it.

The digging onyroslee no longer eat meat and eat only the abundant black flora, thus not competing with its relative the walking karyowee who ears purple flora. It will typically pull down black flora from its root underground when eating. Like its ancestor it lays its eggs and raises its young in underground burrows. Its horn and claws are so strong it can dig through the soil even when its frozen solid in the winter.

During the summer they will mate and store up on food for the winter. Their blubber can allow them to survive all winter. Sometimes they even hibernate if it gets too cold. Babies are kept underground until adulthood when they have enough body fat to go to the cold surface. However most of the time they do not need to leave the underground at all.

Living Relatives (click to show/hide)

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  • Longclaw Urpoi (family Konydonta)