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(Solumdomus ferromagnesian)
Artwork of Ferrotine
Species is extinct.
23/148, Integrated into Tepoflora
Creator Dass Other
Solumdomus ferromagnesian
Week/Generation 17/115
Habitat Huggs Volcanic, Darth Lava Tube Caves
Size Microscopic
Support Unknown
Diet Deposit Feeding
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Mitosis

Basalt is very common in volcanic rock, and where there is basalt there is augite wich is rich in iron and magnesium minerals. Some nixoutine that dwelled on the border of Huggs Volcanic and Huggs Temperate Forest started migrating to these new biomes in search for all the iron and magnesium. Thus the ferrotine evolved as a split from its ancestor and is the first organism to live in the Darth Lava Tube cave systems. There are few other differences between the ferrotine and their ancestor, there coloration has changed some and due to the iron rich biome it now lives in the ferrotine has a "cell wall" which actually is just a way to store the iron so they do not overdose on it.

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  • Cadantiteras (genus Solumdomus)