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(Teproutine ferrum)
Artwork of Ferrumtine
Species is extinct.
23/148, Integrated into Tepoflora
Creator BioCat Other
Teproutine ferrum
Week/Generation 16/109
Habitat Clayren Coast, Ittiz Coast, Ovi Coast, Ittiz Beach, Clayren Beach, Ovi Beach, Ittiz River, Ittiz Swamp, Ittiz-Nuke Alpine, Ittiz-Ovi Desert, Ittiz Rocky
Size Microscopic
Support Unknown
Diet Organic particles, Minerals, Lithovore (Iron)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Mitosis

The ferrumtine split from its ancestor by adapting a new energy source, iron. Like its ancestor it still feeds on organic particles and decaying organic matter as well. It evolved as the bodies of members of the magneferrubiota kingdom got buried under the ground not to be fed by anyone. Therefore it evolved a set of enzymes that are able to digest these bodies disconnecting the carbon-based corpse from the iron-shell and feeding on both. They digest the iron in new special organelles and use it to create a hard iron cell wall as well as reinforced flagellates and digging head covering. They are very important to the recycling of iron in iron-rich biomes.

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