Flower Plent

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Flower Plent
(Sarcanthomancerxia britemflourus)
Artwork of Flower Plent
Species is extinct.
15/101, gamma-ray burst
Creator Raptor Other
Sarcanthomancerxia britemflourus
Week/Generation 13/84
Habitat Huggs Rainforest
Size 4-5 m Tall
Support Unknown
Diet Photosynthesis
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Sexual. Reproduces using the same structures as all sitting plents, however, its pollen is instead distributed when it sticks to creatures rather than by wind.
Descendant of Ancestor of

The flower plent replaced the chamber plent. The chambers in the trunk are now huge, housing large inedible petals colored to attract herbivores. Inside the flowers are juicy fruit petals, which the herbivores are invited to eat as long as they do the same with other flower plents in the area, to pass on the pollen that gets stuck to them as they eat. This reproductive tactic is used on herbivores of all sizes and shapes which don't tend to eat the actual plant, distracted by the fruit.

Because this often works when flower plents grow next to each other, the animals pass on the pollen quickly and the plents can get a chance to grow petals while the others are busy, small patches of forest have become dedicated to them. The plents will try and stay in flower all year round, and constantly keep growing new fruit petals to keep business going. The seeds of the flower plents are in true fruit that will grow in the flowers, which will be eaten and later ejected by pollinators.

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