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(Ambulaticornus spettro)
Artwork of Fraboomaleg
Species is extinct.
19/125, ice comet impact event
Creator Rhodix Other
Ambulaticornus spettro
Week/Generation 17/111
Habitat Huggs Temperate Forest, Huggs Rainforest
Size 1 m long
Support Unknown
Diet Detritivore, Paedophagic, Herbivore (Supershroom, Beribarbos, Xidhorchia)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Sexual, eggs into nutritive sacks
Descendant of Ancestor of

In order to protect from predators the frabooball split into a new form. Fraboomalegs live into forest and can reach, in old age, the double size of their ancestors. There, beyond eating decaying material, they also will search for some small flora pieces, like beribarbos berries or xidhorchia seeds.

The fraboomaleg is stronger and has more powerful muscles and antennas. If feeling menaced or knocked by others, instead of hide into the shell, it will sustain its body over the antennas, now longer and with a long first branch used to create a firm base. In this position it seems larger and can walk slowly, moving the body up and down while walking, and also showing the colorful spots under its body. These spots mimic eyes and can keep other creatures away from it. It also has spots over the shell for the same propose. It has a harder shell and also evolved a hard cover under the shell, protecting its soft body. In this position it will use the mouth tentacles to catch food from the ground.

Like its ancestor, it will protect the eggs carrying them. After lay them into nutritive sacks, the fraboomaleg will bring them to mouth and keep them inside the cloak. When hatching, it will open the cloak and free the offspring. Even living into forest, where food is plenty, sometimes it still will eat some of its brood.

While it keeps the feature of smelling using its antennas, the second level of branches, in purple coloring, evolved the ability of perceive differences on temperature and moisture, allowing it to guide better across the forest. Fraboomalegs will always try to find fresh and moist places, where they can avoid the water losing. They can be found in several colors, from green to purple.

Living Relatives (click to show/hide)

These are randomly selected, and organized from lowest to highest shared taxon. (This may correspond to similarity more than actual relation)
  • Common Fraboo (order Cornidactyliformes)
  • Ylbershpelle Bubblehorn (class Euconchovermes)