Golden Lightning

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Golden Lightning
(Coli lightnito)
Artwork of Golden Lightning
Species is extinct.
24/151, Integrated into Lightnings
Creator Razonatair Other
Coli lightnito
Week/Generation 19/126
Habitat Huggs-Yokto Desert, Huggs-Yokto Savanna, Huggs Scrub, Huggs Beach, Huggs Marsh, Huggs Lakes, Huggs Tropical Rainforest, Huggs Tropical Woodland, Huggs Temperate Rainforest, Yokto Rocky, Yokto Marsh, Yokto River, Yokto Temperate Woodland, Yokto Temperate Rainforest, Yokto Boreal, Yokto Alpine, Huggs Taiga, Yokto Taiga, Yokto Alpine, Yokto Chaparral, Huggs-Yokto Rocky, Huggs-Yokto High Grassland, Flisch Taiga, Flisch-Krakow Alpine, Flisch Beach, Flisch River, Flisch Marsh, Flisch-Krakow Tropical Rainforest, Flisch-Krakow Tropical Woodlands, Flisch Temperate Rainforest, Flisch-Krakow Boreal, Krakow Plains, Krakow Beach, Krakow River, Krakow Marsh, Krakow Temperate Rainforest, East Huggs River, West Huggs River, King Beach, Justin Bay Beach, North Polar Beach, Soma Beach, Bone River, Detoxic River, Ichthy River, Irinya River, Russ River, Slarti River, BioCat Swamp, Bone Swamp, Detoxic Marsh, Ichthy Swamp, Irinya Swamp, Russ Marsh, Slarti Swamp, Huggs Taiga, Krakow Temperate Woodland, Huggs-Yokto High Desert, Yokto High Desert, North Tundra, Yokto Dunes, Allen Ice Cave, Badger Limestone Caves, Ferret Limestone Caves, Mae Sandstone Caves, Neo Limestone Caves, Rabid Sandstone Caves, Sublyme Limestone Caves, Yokto Beach, Yokto Taiga, Huggs Temperate Woodland, Krakow Chaparral, Huggs Chaparral, Yokto High Grassland
Size Microscopic
Support Unknown
Diet Consumer (Green Snarf, Nixoutine, Sagavermes Guttoplaque, Sagavermes Microplaque, Saproutine, Spiky Plentplaque, Teproutine, Tealspot Cryoutine, Carpozoa Guttoplaque, Glicker Carpoplaque, Trisphourus, Algaaquila, Ciliognathus, Chlorocytus, Trisoilbeast, Emraldcytus, Glowing Forest, Rocacomer, Trisphorous Boules, Widefire Ciliognathus, Botryomorsus Subterreus, Parasite Symalt, Triorter), Pre-Chewed Food
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Mitosis

The golden lightning replaced both its ancestor and mainland penitoflora coli in all the habitats it occupies. It now often inhabits almost every creature on the continent. It also lives in fresh water, but cannot survive in salt water. It is now composed of four cells instead of just two, and is even faster than before, lending to its name of lightning. It continues to protect creatures from pathogens and plaques, along with also surviving outside on the ground.

Living Relatives (click to show/hide)

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  • Lightnings (genus Coli)