Green Gumph

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Green Gumph
(Pestilentia gumphus)
Artwork of Green Gumph
Species is extinct.
23/149, Integrated into Pestilence
Creator Hydromancerx Other
Pestilentia gumphus
Week/Generation 18/123
Habitat BigL Beach, Clayren Beach, Hydro Beach, Ittiz Beach, Ovi Beach, Hydro River, Ninth Salt Lake, Nuke River, Ovi River, Terra River, Hydro Bog, Wright Tropical Rainforest, Nuke Tropical Rainforest, Nuke Temperate Rainforest, Ittiz-Nuke Alpine, Nuke Temperate Woodland, Ittiz-Nuke Boreal, Hydro Scrub, Hydro Rocky, Hydro Volcanic, Hydro Savanna, Ovi-Hydro Plains, Ovi-Hydro High Grassland, Blood Lava Tube Caves, Mandate Limestone Caves, South Polar Beach (East), South Tundra Lakes, South Tundra, Yannick Ice Cave
Size Microscopic
Support Unknown
Diet Parasite (Beach Nobit, Rustlicker, Ramjet, Wingless Sprinter, Flurgon, Tuffchub, Pink Bottomscraper, Mudsucker, Midwater Saltswarmer, Ninth Lake Skimmer, Grouperbean, Electro Swarmer, Violet Glowlicker, Rummaging Jawhog, Brumgo, Hibernating Glowlicker, Snoa, Savanna Glowlicker, Stickylicker, Armored Brumgo, Towerhorn, Emulsifly, Buttblaster, Grassprint, Hophorn, Shieldhead, Spitting Emulsifly, Dashrack, Sulfuric Nobit, Kluben, Hefalo, Slum, Earlbit, Bumblaster, Mandate Emulsifly, Fishing Grasper, Lancerid, Polar Sprinter, Cave Swarmer)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Mitosis

The green gumph has not only replaced its ancestor the plent pox but has also replaced plent fever in Wright. Its success is faster reproduction, infection without symptoms to the host and less hosts die, thus can re-infect hosts after they have gotten better. It has lost its 3rd flagellum. It causes the plents to cough and wheeze and have runny butt-nostrils. It spreads through the air. Unlike its ancestor the plents never become so sick they cannot function unless they are very old or weak.

Living Relatives (click to show/hide)

These are randomly selected, and organized from lowest to highest shared taxon. (This may correspond to similarity more than actual relation)
  • Pestilence (genus Pestilentia)