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(Mythotherium primus)
Artwork of Joviglut
Species is extinct.
22/140, habitat loss due to the snowball event
Creator TheBigDeepCheatsy Other
Mythotherium primus
Week/Generation 18/124
Habitat Nuke Temperate Rainforest, Ittiz-Nuke Boreal, Nuke Chaparral, Nuke Temperate Woodland, Ovi-Hydro Plains
Size 95 cm Long
Support Unknown
Diet Oppurtunistic Omnivore (Seasonal Mega-Orbitree fruit, Hibernating Glowlicker, Boring Centiworm, Hungry Shellworm, Claworm, Bambelin, Tobeeflor fruit, Wuraybee, Yenaptak, Eye-Tailed Darbola young, Tube Fessurum, Shovel-Tube Fessurum, Slum young, Nomadic Scuttlecrab, Ovimari young, Woolly Bambelin, Grassing Shellwalker young, Flightberry fruit, Towerballs, Orbiflor fruit, Firefur nuts, Firesap Tree nuts, Vandriswoop, Sauceback eggs, Windbulb, Irontangle, Gem Orb), Scavenger, Coprophagic (Dung and Feces)
Respiration Active (Lungs)
Thermoregulation Endotherm (Fur)
Reproduction Sexual, Live Birth, Two Sexes, Pouch and Milk

The joviglut split from its ancestor. Due to certain oppurtunities being available, some of the xolagoba have visited the ground more often. Over time, their bodies became suited for life in both the trees and the ground, similar to Earth's baboons; they evolved plantigrade location, which means that they have flat feet, their tails are also not as prehensile as their ancestor's was. The joviglut has evolved another toe on each front foot for grabbing food more easily. The joviglut has also evolved a fur that can grow or shed depending on the temperature around it; when it is very cold, the fur thickens, when warm, the thick fur falls off. Its stripes have also become purple to blend in with the vegetation.

Overtime, the joviglut has evolved a variety of ways to eat the many different foods in its diet. However, the buck-teeth of its ancestor have clearly vanished, but in its place is a powerful set of teeth and strong jaw muscles that gift the joviglut with a powerful bite that can crush bones and the shells of firefur and firesap tree nuts. Since the joviglut eats tube fessurum, it needs to find a way to remove excess iron; it does this by regurgitating the globs of iron, covering them with mucus, and gagging them out. These slimy clumps are called "rust-loogies". The joviglut's tail is covered with thick, brush-like hairs at the end, which are used to tangle up flying prey including bambelins and glowlickers. During desperate times, they will even eat the feces of organisms including their own. In order to do this, it had to develop a stronger immune system than its ancestor.

They live in packs of up to 4-7 members, but there is no distinguished leader. Unlike its ancestor, the joviglut has become more of a nomadic species, which means that they do not stay in one spot for most of their life; instead, they go where ever there is plenty of food and constantly leave behind nests made of branches, grasses, and their own fur. They enjoy playing and caring with each other. However, they can be hostile toward other packs. They have also evolved to be as intelligent as Earth's lemurs

The joviglut gives birth to 1-3 offspring; it raises them in its pouch, but when hunting, another joviglut that is staying behind will babysit them. Overtime, the joviglut mother encourages its offspring to explore the world around them and once they finally grow up, the offspring leave to start a new pack. During mating season, the young jovigluts go to areas that have few predators and plenty of food and space. Then they engage in short fights that are never fatal and involve making noises, punches, and smacking; these determine which jovigluts are the most fit and get to mate first. The winners go and start a new pack and as for the rest, they try again with the battles.


Living Relatives (click to show/hide)

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  • Velishroot (superorder Lumbaritheria)
  • Topship Shrog (subclass Chaetotheria)
  • Press-Toothed Bubbleskin (class Soricia)