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(Brachiophius lindwyrm)
Artwork of Lindsaur
Species is extinct.
14/94, Replaced by descendant
Creator Neoskel Other
Brachiophius lindwyrm
Week/Generation 14/91
Habitat Huggs Rainforest, Bone River
Size 180 cm Long
Support Unknown
Diet Carnivore, Scavenger (Filterworm, Serpentsaur, Cynovenator, Forest Roamer, Plenther, Eggsnapper, Star-Tongued Gulper, Gliding Plentsnapper, Speedy Gulper, carrion)
Respiration Active (Lungs)
Thermoregulation Ectotherm
Reproduction Sexual, two sexes, lays hard shelled eggs, Parents will watch over the eggs and young until the young are about 0.8 m long.

The lindsaur has split from the wadjetsaur and has adapted to live amphibiously, moving into the Bone River in Huggs Rainforest. The lindsaur's frill claws have fused together to form jointless arms with 5 'fingers' attached to the end. The webbing between the first and second 'finger' on each arm has pulled back and there is now webbing attached from the arms to the last 'finger'. The lindsaur uses its webbings to swim, and the claws are used for digging. The spikes on the end of its tail have degraded and are now quite small. The lindsaur's color has become darker to better camouflage in the muddy waters of the river. The lindsaur swims by pushing with its arms and snaking its body. It has become smaller for ease of swimming, reaching full growth at 1.7 meters to an extreme of 2.0 meters. The skin flap on their ears seals the ears when the lindsaur enters the water.

The lindsaur will ambush or hunt down prey in the water, and will also attack creatures coming to the banks of the river to drink. The lindsaur will bite prey with its strong jaws and scratch them with claws. It rips meat off of its meals with its teeth by pushing against larger corpses with its arms. It will eat carrion near or in the water.

Lindsaur females will dig dens on the banks of the river, while the males will roam along the length of the river seeking a mate. The males gesture with their arms to get the females attention. When a female chooses her mate, the other suitors will leave while her mate stays to watch over the eggs with her. The parents will guard the eggs and young until they are about 0.8 metres long, but will not bring food to the young. The young will hunt for themselves, hunting smaller prey. they also provide a service to their parents by eating soriparasites off of them. When the young are large enough, they will split off, the females searching for nest sites while the males roam the river. At this point the father will also return to roaming for a mate.

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  • Red-Eye Seaswimmer (class Saganophidia)