Magnificent Slaesosaurus

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Magnificent Slaesosaurus
(Lohikiharahai smaug)
Artwork of Magnificent Slaesosaurus
Species is extant.
Creator TheBigDeepCheatsy Other
Lohikiharahai smaug
Week/Generation 24/152
Habitat Clarke Temperate Coast, Clarke Temperate Beach, King Tropical Coast, King Tropical Beach, Chum Tropical Bay, Chum Tropical Beach, Soma Tropical Sea, Elerd Temperate Coast, Elerd Temperate Beach, Darkov Temperate Coast, Darkov Temperate Beach, Ramul Temperate Coast, Ramul Temperate Beach, Russ Temperate Beach, Sparks Tropical Beach
Size 6.5 m Long
Support Unknown
Diet Carnivore (Sealyn, Nagraj, Royal Scylarian, Diamond Pumpgill, Crushermaw Scylarian, Umbrascale Lyngbakr young, Viridimaw Lyngbakr young, Scuttleball Gillfin, Onamor, Citadel Trapinout, Common Oceanscooter, Strainerbeak, Blueback Scylarian, Bloister, Finback, Sandtrapin, Drake Uktank, Spotted Shocker, Cromocanth, Seafin, Slender Scylarian, Cruelfang Hafgufa young)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Sexual, Live Birth, Two Sexes

The magnificent slaesosaurus split from its ancestor. When some slaesosaurus ventured out into the Clarke Temperate Coast, they managed to find an area that had little to no competition and immediately colonized there. Soon enough, it could quickly colonize in other areas including the Chum Tropical Bay, Soma Tropical Sea, and the coasts of Drake. The magnificent slaesosaurus has evolved by becoming much larger than its ancestor, which allows it to attack the various lyngbakr young. It has changed its color from black into a golden-brown, which allows it to hide better in the various underwater sands and prevent itself from overheating when it is basking in the hot tropical sunlight. The magnificent slaesosaurus' first spine on its sail has split into a pair of sharp spikes that help protect the young from being preyed upon by other scylarians when hiding in the sand or going onto land fails.

Much like its ancestor, the magnificent slaesosaurus is an ambush predator that lies underneath the seafloor and waits for any prey to pass by and it will snatch them up, and even chase them onto land if the prey is amphibious. Plus, its gill-pouch still allows it to live outside of the water and keeps its gills moist, while underwater, they work like gills typically do.

Unlike its ancestor, the magnificent slaesosaurus is a migratory species that goes down to the Darwin areas during the winter and up to the Drake areas in the summer. This allows it to maximize the amount of prey it can consume.

Another adaptation that the magnificent slaesosaurus has gone through is that during the mating season in the summer, males that are at the age of mating will permanently change from golden-brown to red and will start hoarding pieces of dried purple flora, including pioneeroots and humgroves, onto a large pile of sand, which it has crafted with its tail fluke, on the beaches of Drake. Males will fight with biting, headbutting, and stabbing each other with their flipper claws to claim these piles for themselves. Males with either the largest or most piles tend to have greater rights for mating with the females.

Much like their ancestors, they can easily heat up when they need to be active and cool down when they need to wait for their prey.