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An illustration of the exoplanet Sagan 4 as seen from space, alongside its moon, Mason.
Sagan, Sagan 4 and Mason during the Bonoian period
Image by Mnidjm

Sagan 4 is an alien ecosystem project originally founded in 2006 by 5 friends led by Hydromancerx who were inspired by the then-upcoming game Spore. As time went on, more people joined the team, and by the present day, 118 participants have collectively contributed 5,788 species descending from a single cell to the ongoing ecosystem out of a love for art, speculative evolution, and xenobiology.


Want to contribute your own species? Submissions take place on the Sagan 4 main forum. Be sure to read the rules before starting on your submission. If you have any questions, feel free to read our FAQ or ask the community on Discord.

To prevent spam and vandalism, new wiki editors must be approved by hand. Join the community via either the forum or the discord server to request editing access.

A labeled map of the exoplanet Sagan 4, showing vast oceans, several small landmasses, and an enormous, dominating supercontinent in the center.
Current map


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Life on Sagan 4


Sagan 4 is a planet with conditions similar to Earth. All of its life derives from a single cell, Protosagania. Its major kingdoms are:

  • Binucleozoa, an incredibly diverse group in which each cell has two or more nuclei, ranging from fish-like descendants, to insectoid-like fauna to the a wide range of Crystal Flora
  • Carpozoa, fauna with wide ranging morphological differences thanks to genomic instability and a tendency towards Earth-like faunal forms
  • Mancerxa, the largest kingdom, with a diverse range of fauna descended from green, photosynthesizing ancestors
  • Phoenophyta, purple photosynthesizers that include clouds of microbes in the oceans and some of the first flora on land.

...and plenty more! Feel free to dig through the current Ecosystem Page to see all of the intact species and environments, or through our species search engine to find anything in particular that interests you.

Below is a random selection of extant species; click any one of them to learn more!

  • Corkscrew Krugg
  • Skunk's Pheres
  • Flugwurm
  • Forktuff
  • Gilgan Waterworm
  • Hidestrider
  • Scrub Barkback
  • Festive Uktank
  • Eastward Landlubber
  • Anomalogill
  • Leepi Meepi
  • Gliding Gushstrider
  • Jaydohve
  • Sasule
  • Guttoplaques
  • Blubdub

  • Or, for some per-category introductions, click one of the following :

    Introduction to Extant FaunaIntroduction to Extant FloraIntroduction to Extant Microbes
    (note that these are a work in progress)

    Quick Category Links:

    Living Species - Extinct Species