Mainland Penitoflora Coli

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Mainland Penitoflora Coli
(Penitoflora terra)
Artwork of Mainland Penitoflora Coli
Species is extinct.
24/151, Integrated into Lightnings
Creator Colddigger Other
Penitoflora terra
Week/Generation 18/124
Habitat Flisch Beach, Huggs Beach, King Beach, Krakow Beach, Soma Beach, Yokto Beach, BioCat River, Bone River, Huggs Lakes, Huggs River, Krakow River, Russ River, Slarti River, Yokto River, Bone Swamp, Huggs Marsh, Krakow Marsh, Russ Bog, Slarti Swamp, Yokto Marsh, Huggs Tropical Rainforest, Flisch Temperate Rainforest, Huggs Temperate Rainforest, Krakow Temperate Rainforest, Yokto Temperate Rainforest, Flisch Taiga, Huggs Taiga, Yokto Taiga, Flisch-Krakow Alpine, Yokto Alpine, Huggs Tropical Woodland, Huggs Temperate Woodland, Krakow Temperate Woodland, Yokto Temperate Woodland, Flisch-Krakow Boreal, Yokto Boreal, Huggs-Yokto Scrub, Huggs Chaparral, Krakow Chaparral, Yokto Chaparral, Huggs Rocky, Huggs-Yokto Rocky, Yokto Rocky, Huggs Volcanic, Huggs-Yokto Savanna, Krakow Plains, Huggs-Yokto High Grassland, Yokto High Grassland, Yokto Dunes, Huggs-Yokto Desert, Huggs-Yokto High Desert, Yokto High Desert, Badger Limestone Caves, Darth Lava Tube Caves, Neo Limestone Caves, Huggs Water Table, Yokto Water Table, South Polar Beach (West), South Tundra, BigL Beach, Clayren Beach, Hydro Beach, Ittiz Beach, Ovi Beach, Hydro River, Ninth Salt Lake, Nuke River, Ovi River, Terra River, Hydro Bog, Wright Tropical Rainforest, Nuke Tropical Rainforest, Nuke Temperate Rainforest, Ittiz-Nuke Alpine, Nuke Temperate Woodland, Ittiz-Nuke Boreal, Hydro Scrub, Hydro Rocky, Hydro Volcanic, Hydro Savanna, Ovi-Hydro Plains, Ovi-Hydro High Grassland, Blood Lava Tube Caves, Mandate Limestone Caves, South Polar Beach (East)
Size Microscopic
Support Unknown
Diet Detritivore (Intestinal Pathogens, Feces)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Mitosis

The mainland penitoflora coli replaced its ancestor on all the mainland. They now have eight tough, short flagella for swimming or crawling. They live inside plents and consume pathogens that enter their host. The feces of plents contain high amounts of this microbe.

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  • Lightnings (class Penitofloria)