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Week 22

Generation 140 (Mason)

Disaster (Super Volcano)
 A Super Volcano eruption causes a chain reaction of volcanoes all over the world to erupt
 as well as 2 new volcanic regions; Mae Volcanic and Raptor Volcanic. This massive eruption
 caused orbit voltflora to launch their seeds in mass, flooding the skies with seeds. Some
 of which landed on Sagan 4's moon, Mason. While the seeds died they did bring over a few
 microbes to Mason. The those that survived landed in Yokto Volcanic. Back on Sagan 4, all
 macro life in the existing volcanic regions went extinct including the geothermal vents.
 The massive amount of ash in the atmosphere blocks out the sunlight and much of the
 photosythetic flora die. This causes a chain reaction of famine and starvation. In
 addition the lack of sunlight plunges Sagan 4 into an even deeper ice age. Almost the entire
 planet is covered in global glacier and only a few places at the equator stay warm enough
 to not freeze over. The ocean levels drop significantly until all that's left are two
 shallow seas. The geothermal vents in the middle of the seas keep them warm enough not
 to freeze. The sea salinity goes up, but most marine species are able to cope with it.
 Deeper ocean zones disappear due to the shallowness of the new seas.Over time the ash
 eventually clears and the sun returns. With the sunlight back the seeds and spores of
 the dead photosynthetic flora regrow. In addition the extra greenhouses gasses from the
 volcanoes tip the Sagan 4 enough to gradually get warmer. However it will still be awhile
 before the Sagan 4 will return to normal.

Generation 141 (Mason)

Generation 142 (Mason)

Generation 143 (Mason)

Generation 144 (Mason)

Week 23

Generation 145 (Mason)

Disaster (Solar Flare)
 A massive solar flare from Sagan has hit Sagan 4 and Mason, thus killing off
 any species over 1 meter and melting glaciers. Both fauna and flora were cooked
 alive and massive wildfires spread across both worlds. The accelerated warming
 quickly melted the ice which lead to sea level rise. Mason in particular became
 a water world while Sagan 4 just regained some past ocean depth it lost in the
 ice age. Now heading out of the ice age Sagan 4 is getting warmer and warmer
 as methane trapped in the permafrost add greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere.
 Mason has also has been loosing its volcanic activity over the eons but has
 just lost lost all its volcanoes. Without the volcanoes it cannot sustain its
 atmosphere thickness. This thinning while not bad now will eventually lead to
 the loss of it and its new ocean in the future if nothing is done.

Generation 146 (Mason)

Generation 147 (Mason)

Generation 148 (Mason)

Generation 149 (Mason)

Week 24

Generation 150 (Mason)

Disaster (Solar Wind)

 It was only a matter of time before Mason loss its atmosphere due to no longer
 having a magnetic field to block the solar wind. As the atmosphere got thinner
 and thinner the more the oceans evaporated. As they did they formed an icy ring
 around Sagan 4. This new ring now rains frequent ice meteors, however not enough
 to hurt Sagan 4, just help in the raising of its oceans.
 With little to no atmosphere and an ever shrinking ocean the life on Mason had to
 adapt. They formed a giant living reef at the bottom of the trench. This reef
 helped protect the species inside from the harmful cosmic rays and keep whats left
 of the water on Mason from evaporating. At the bottom of the trench are 2 cave
 systems which connect down to Mason's water table. The lack of an atmosphere also
 means Mason will get more craters since it cannot block small meteors anymore.
 Meanwhile on Sagan 4 it has continued to recover from its ice age and now has its
 tropical biomes return. It has gotten so warm that its year round polar glaciers
 have all melted leaving only marine ice sheets at the poles. With the melted
 glaciers the sea level has also risen and has allowed for the Midnight Zone to
 appear in the ocean now that it is that much deeper.

Generation 151 (Mason)


Generation 152 (Mason)


Generation 153 (Mason)

Generation 154 (Mason)