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This page is under construction.

Challenges are various events, typically lasting one generation or less, to create a species or illustration which fulfills certain requirements. This page serves as an archive of these challenges and their entries and results.

Major Challenges

Major challenges happen infrequently, each one usually spanning a whole Generation or a gap between two Weeks.

Themed Challenges

These challenges had users create species which fit a specific theme. The winner usually chooses the theme for the next challenge.

Prime Specimen

Prime Specimen is similar to theme challenges, except that the focus is on making descendants of a specific species. The winner gets to choose the next species.

Bonus Challenges

Bonus challenges are extra theme challenges which have their prompts chosen by the project crew to fill out specific gaps.

Diorama Contests

In diorama contests, artists are challenged to create dioramas depicting Sagan 4 species in their natural environment.

Special Generations

Special generations are an old challenge format where a whole generation would be dedicated to something specific. Given the size of generations, these are not done anymore, with bonus challenges being favored instead.

Secret Santa

In December 2023, Sagan 4 held a Secret Santa event wherein anyone who signed up was assigned another applicant, for whom they would make a submission based on their prompt.

Lightning Challenges

Lightning Challenges are similar to other challenges, except for one thing--they have a hard time limit of exactly 2 weeks. The challenge prompt is chosen at random from a bank of prompt suggestions. They generally end up with fewer entries than major challenges due to their time limit, which serves to encourage a constant minimum rate of activity.

Challenge 1: Torpedo (suggested by User:dop4274)

Entries not yet approved...

Challenge 2: Leaf Me Alone (suggested by User:TheBigDeepCheatsy)

Entries not yet approved...

Challenge 3: How did They Get Here? (suggested by User:Oofle)

Entries not yet approved...