Plume-Tailed Azelemur

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Plume-Tailed Azelemur
(Shanyuanlong neopouch)
Artwork of Plume-Tailed Azelemur
Species is extinct.
19/125, ice comet impact event
Creator Hydromancerx Other
Shanyuanlong neopouch
Week/Generation 16/106
Habitat Flisch-Krakow Rainforest
Size 1.2 m Long
Support Unknown
Diet Omnivore (Xolagoba, Tree Dweller, Xenobee honey), Scavenger
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Sexual, Pouch, Lays hard-shelled eggs, Two sexes
Descendant of Ancestor of

The plume-tailed azelemur split from its ancestor, the honey azelemur. With much of its food sources leaving the caves, some populations of honey azelemur would follow them into the rainforest. It now has become more of an active carnivore and will hunt xolagoba and tree dwellers for food. Its arms have gotten longer and stronger so it can swing through the trees.

Its most dramatic adaption is its new sound sensing feathers on the end of its tail. They work much like a moth's antennae and pick up the vibrations of sound in the air. It will hang from branches listening and looking for prey. Once it finds the prey it will swing down and use its new foot talons to grab onto them. It has a hooked beak now with three pairs of canine fangs to hold on the the struggling prey and slice up the flesh. It must be able to hold on tight because if it falls to the ground it will loose the prey. They cannot walk on the ground very well and will spend most of their lives in the trees. They will even drink water off of leaves rather than go down below to drink.

Females had evolved a pouch on their belly to carry their eggs. Once they hatch they will cling on to their parents' shaggy fur. They live in small social groups of 3 to 5. To communicate with each other they will use a one handed sign language. These signs are very primitive and mean things such as "danger", "food", "stop" or "go this way". Like their ancestor their eyes are immune to the poison on the xenobee line and frequently eat their honey to get a sugar boost before hunting.

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  • Xatashot (class Caudapodia)