Polar Cellulosebane

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Polar Cellulosebane
(Letalitholus polarus)
Artwork of Polar Cellulosebane
Species is extant.
Creator Hydromancerx Other
Letalitholus polarus
Week/Generation 20/132
Habitat Artir Polar Beach, Bumpy Polar Beach, Justin Polar Beach, East Drake Tundra, West Drake Tundra, Russ Marsh, Russ River
Size 50 cm Tall
Support Unknown
Diet Detritivore, Photosynthesis
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Airborne Spores

The polar cellulosebane split from its ancestor, the beach cellulosebane. It has adapted to the polar regions of Drake. Its has developed an anti-freeze-like chemical in it to help it stop from freezing. Like its ancestor it can expel excess salt from the sand when absorbing water in beach biomes. Its shape is also a lot rounder than its ancestor to help bear the weight of snow. It has taken over in all the biomes it has spread to. Like its ancestor it has a chemical that not only restrict the growth of non-crystal flora but dissolves cellulose! Unlike purple flora and black flora, which are made of cellulose, crystal flora is made of photosynthetic chitin on the outside and a red fungus-like cells on the inside thus making them immune to this chemical. In addition, its airborne spores are covered in this chemical. Thus they are fatal to plents who breathe them in, since their bodies are made of cellulose like flora. Each of their crystal branches can open up and release their spores.

The effect of this chemical has caused the following species to become extinct in its range; glass hatchball, snow puff, ministalk, hypnodrak, shard glassballs, hothead, vegeskunik, solar sailor, russian swarmer, mavrophyte, bunopad, vegehopper, river pipent, multitube, para bolagae, nailfin, swish starflora, river glider, trunkarp, sunstalk, sporeworm, worm phlyer, funeral pipent, poison mavrophyte, handstand plent, leecher swamer, knot root, river assimilation floralgae, pentagalloon, green snarf, corpse-bearing pipent, utalue swamer, side sprig and vegecrawler.