Pouched Armorsaw

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Pouched Armorsaw
(Pistaredens hydromarsupia)
Artwork of Pouched Armorsaw
Species is extinct.
19/125, ice comet impact event
Creator Fantasyotter Other
Pistaredens hydromarsupia
Week/Generation 17/115
Habitat Huggs Rainforest, Huggs Temperate Forest, Huggs Scrub
Size 1.2 m Long
Support Unknown
Diet Herbivore (Flufflestalk, Giant Balloonarch, Beribarbos, Hand-Branch Fruitail, Lyrostira, Basketrunk, Sugar-Trunked Balloonarch)
Respiration Active (Lungs)
Thermoregulation Ectotherm
Reproduction Sexual, 2 Sexes, Soft-Shelled Eggs, Egg Pouch

The pouched armorsaw has replaced its ancestor the pistonsaw armorsnapper in the Huggs Rainforest and Huggs Temperate Forest, and replaced its distant ancestor the omnisaw armorsnapper in the Huggs Scrub. It is still a herbivore and will eat nearly all the plants found in its habitat. It no longer has to rely on the lyrostira to lay its eggs as it has evolved a specialized water-filled pouch on its chest. The subspecies in the Huggs Temperate Forest still hibernate by burrowing themselves underground and growing a moist, shelled cocoon. When the cold winter is over they will break out of their cocoon and eat it.

Immediately after fertilization the females water-pouch will begin to fill itself with water. After laying its eggs the pouched armorsaw will pick them up with its prehensile tongue and place them in its water-pouch until they hatch. Around the opening of the pouch are lip like muscles that keep the pouch closed until it is time to place the eggs inside or get rid of the hatchlings. After hatching inside the water-pouch the mother will expel them and care after them for a little less than a month. This has increased the chances of the hatchlings survival from 30% to above 50%.

The muscle that controls there saw like appendage has now developed into an almost trunk like muscle that can pivot back-and-forth to saw off leaves or fell trees or it can be swung around and used a defensive weapon against predators. Their armor has also expanded and developed more spikes for protection from predators.

Males do not have a pouch but their skins are more specialized than the females and they are able to change there color more extravagantly. They can't change it to anything too different but they can switch it between various shades of purple, from dark almost black purple to lighter almost pink shades. The only use of this extreme color shifting is to attract a mate.

Living Relatives (click to show/hide)

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  • Shrogsnapper (order Dakochelones)
  • Chitjornpecker (class Saurochelones)