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Cross-Eyed Beakworm is an example of Pterigiophora.

Pterigiophora, also known as beakworms, includes all of the descendants of the Pirouetting Deepworm on Sagan 4.

Domain: Eukaryota
Superkingdom: Hexasaganizoa
Kingdom: Binucleozoa
Subkingdom: Symbiovermes
Phylum: Pterigiophora

Class - Nectavermes


Order - Pulchrivermiformes

(basal deepworms)

Family - Pulchrivermidae


Order - Eoichthyvermiformes

(Beaked Deepworm)

Family - Eoichthyvermidae

(Beaked Deepworm)

Class – Rostroichthyes

(early beakworms, gillfins, and parrotworms)

Order – Vermirostrates

(early beakworms)

Family - Ichthyvermidae

(stem beakworms)

Family - Rostratichthidae

(basal crown beakworms)

Family - Rostrodontidae

(Tusked Beakworm)

Family - Plumovestatidae

(Feathered Beakworm)

Family - Wermisoridae

(Coastworm Lancer)

Family - Kristalidae

(Krystal Snoutsuckling)

Family - Catasphenognathidae


Family - Astinduzilaridae

(Flying Silverling)

Family - Abyssovermichthidae

(Deep-Sea Scissorworm)

Order - Caustisputatoriformes

(Maurworm and descendants)

Family - Caustisputatoridae


Family - Zappasaganidae


Order – Dorsibranchia


Family - Deirichthidae

(Scraping Beakworm)

Family - Niducaudidae

(basal gillfins)

Family - Sagittactinidae


Family - Erpinaletidae

(later gillfins)

Order – Palustrigyrinia


Family - Acanthogyrinidae

(basal waterworms)

Family – Fabacolaculidae

(Dumpling Waterworm)

Family - Megataenichthidae

(MacDoogal Waterworm)

Family - Bizkarroidae

(snapper waterworms)

Family - Cetacankistridae

(maggot waterworms)

Family - Branchipunctoridae

(piercing waterworms)

Family - Foetiscolicidae

(Snappermaw Waterworm)

Family - Podogyrinidae


Family - Flagellactinidae

(subterrene phibis)

Order - Entomopsittaca


Family - Saproherpetidae


Family - Entomoichthidae


Family - Dredgeridae


Family - Branchiocridae


Family - Frangoherpetidae


Order – Psittacocephalia

(basal parrotworms)

Family - Psittacovermidae

(basal parrotworms)

Family - Obscuranguillidae


Family - Plumaluesidae


Class – Caudabranchia

Caudabranchia means "gill tail" in Latin. Accordingly, most members of this order have the common name of "gilltail".

Order - Branchiouriformes

(basal gilltails)

Family - Branchiouridae

(early gilltails)

Family - Gilltailiomidae

(Arctic Gilltail)

Family - Anatopichthidae

(duckbilled gilltails)

Family - Fulguriruptoridae

(shockshell gilltails)

Family - Triscutellichthidae

(Globespot Gilltail)

Family - Beifuyuidae

(Bellysucker Gilltail)

Family - Inflamapiscidae

(Inflator Gilltail)

Family - Daohuxuyuidae

(Pick Gilltail)

Family - Acerotidae


Order - Branchiolatiformes

(swift gilltails)

Family- Branchiolatidae

(swift gilltails)

Order - Daggadoliformes

(gilgans and their relatives)

Family - Misprimzarachidae

(Scissor-Beak Gilltail)

Family - Daggadolidae


Order - Luzangaingiriformes


Family - Zhenhiuyuidae

(Shortbeak Gilltail, Ichthy Gilltail)

Family - Luzangaingiridae


Family - Mokoluzeidae

(Slither Longbeak)

Order - Aquapumpiformes


Family - Aquapumpidae

(basal pumpgills)

Family - Vitricutidae


Family - Planktocystidae


Order - Rotperetshkiformes


Family - Rotperetshkidae

(basal gillids)

Family - Coelacanthoididae


Family - Xiaoshenyuidae

(Deep Ribbon Gilltail)

Order - Neobranchiouriformes

(Marine Gilltail derivatives)

Family - Neobranchiouridae

(basal derivatives)

Family - Maineipomidae

(Maineiac silltails)

Family - Carnisargidae

(Sandhopper and descendants)

Family - Bitzaqarpiidae

(Gec Gilltail)

Order – Passerichthyes

(srugeings and relatives)

Family - Saltosargopteridae

(surge gilltails)

Family - Tumescaeidae


Order – Runsasuonkala

(Chum gilltails and relatives)

Family - Allogregarichthidae


Superfamily - Oddekoidea


Family - Oddekidae

(Basal oddeches)

Family - Talamhuiscidae