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(Protoignitor sapien)
Artwork of Sagon
Species is extinct.
22/140, outcompeted, habitat loss
Creator Hydromancerx Other
Protoignitor sapien
Week/Generation 21/139
Habitat Darwin Chaparral
Size 1 m Long
Support Endoskeleton (Jointed Wood)
Diet Omnivore (Spikeblades berries, Quillblades berries, Tunnel Tasertongue, Shroom-Thief Plent, Fuzzstalk roots, Bulbstalk roots, Necrokiss Stalk roots, Omnisaw Armorsnapper eggs, Supershroom, Diggerundi, Beribarbos berries, Fruit Phlyer, Fruity Bluestalk fruit, Megapolidi, Grailshroom fruit, Needlestalk roots, Raiding Plent, Honker Hoofplent, Noleap, Nogbarrel, Dungat, Stalkgulper, Scrubland Ketter, Ketter Phlyer, Shroom Lover Plent, Migrating Phlyer, Quilbil berries, Leaffer, Singing Spade-Leaf fruit, Golden Demonshroom fruit, Crested Phlyer, Shroomplenthead Necrostalk roots, Bent Fungibane roots, Honkilin, Berry Arbourshroom berries, Arbourundi, Shroom Hoofplent), Scavenger
Respiration Active (Lungs)
Thermoregulation Endotherm
Reproduction Sexual, Live Birth, Two Sexes

The sagon replaced its ancestor the scrub tasertongue. Its has gotten twice as big and its brain has now reached sentience/sapience. Its diet has now expanded to just about anything. They are a very curious species and will test out anything to eat. This includes even bigger creatures or carrion. Like their ancestors their tongue has a mild shock.

While it will still dig dens to raise its young in it mainly stays above ground. It has displaced the greater tunnel tasertongue in Darwin Chaparral. Their skull cap now is used to protect its large brain, thus they no longer butt head like their ancestor. Like its ancestor it can produce a mild shock in its long tongue to stun small prey. Once stunned it can use its prehensile fangs to bite into it. It uses its tongue for smelling like its ancestor and will use it to "sniff" out small prey. They can also run quite fast to catch quick prey. They are more social than their ancestors and will hunt in packs now.

Their technology was very primitive with the easy mastery of fire thanks to their bioelectric tongues. They even use controlled fires to smoke out fauna from holes or within the brush. They have some stone tools but only enough for butchering prey. Things like spears were till beyond their technology level. However they did have some advanced cooking and would make elaborate meals made from the wide variety of fauna and flora available in Darwin Chaparral.

They have even developed their own culture based around the "Eye of Mason". The sea on Mason makes it look like an eye looking down at them. Thus they felt that the eye was always watching them and watching over them. They would have great feasts to honor their god each full moon. They tell these stories through their own primitive language. They use a series of toots and honks from their butt-nostrils to speak.

Sadly they did not last very long. Once the super volcano eruptions occurred and cased a deeper ice age they could not cope with the new conditions. They just could not compete with their relative the cottoncoat who was better suited for the polar environment that enveloped the planet. The only thing left of them are primitive butchering tools they created.


Tribal Game

The Sagon was briefly the star of a now-retracted tribal game. These images are considered non-canon, but are included for preservation purposes.

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