Scootin Quid

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Scootin Quid
(Bufonigulacolus scootypuffsr)
Artwork of Scootin Quid
Species is extant.
Creator Jlind11 Other
Bufonigulacolus scootypuffsr
Week/Generation 25/159
Habitat Justin Polar Beach, Justin Tundra
Size 30 cm Long
Support Unknown
Diet adult Carnivore (Vamplumbia, Dartirs), young Carnivore (Cloudswarmers) Scavenger, Detrivore
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Sexual, Two Sexes, Spawns Hundreds of Egg-Sacs
Descendant of Ancestor of

The scootin quid split from its ancestor. The change in this species occured when some burrowing quid began to catch and eat vamplumbia. As these small populations of quid began to seek out this new prey, they began to run into the megascooter more frequently, since they are the vamplumbia's host species. One fateful day a burrowing quid chased after a vamplumbia, grabbed hold of the megascooter its quarry had climbed inside and found (to its surprise) a treasure trove of tasty morsels inside. Slowly but surely, a symbiotic relationship was formed between the two spieces.

The scootin quid is dependent on the megascooter as its mode of transport around the island. The scooter's throat sac provides the quid with water to breath, and the carbon dioxide the quid exhales serves to enrich the water the scooter holds. In return, the quid keeps the scooter free of parasites, though it can only reach the area around the megascooter's head. The quid is a gratifying guest, making sure it host's throat sac is clear of debris.

It has small claws with gripping pads on the upper 3 tentacles, allowing it to better pull itself along, grab, and put itself into the megascooter's mouth. The other set of tentacles are mostly for object manipulation, and are curled up near the mouth when not in use. Its back spike has rounded out, so as not to injure its host's sensitive interior.

Individuals live for 5 years. They mate once, and synchronize their mating with the megascooter's. When a colony of megascooters goes to spawn, individual quid will leave the safety of their host, quickly find a mate, and lay their eggs near the newly spawned megascooters. Baby quid take a year to grow, living as scavengers and occasionally snacking on the cloudswarmers which come to spawn throughout the year. Babies are fully speckled yellow, making them look like the twinkiroos and twincorals; as they mature they lose much of this speckling. When the megascooters return to spawn again, the young quids look for an empty adult scooter to claim; the scooters will try to eat them (thinking they're a tasty snack), and the quid will instead sneak into the throat chamber.