Symbioship Shrubite

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Symbioship Shrubite
(Ramospira symbioship)
Artwork of Symbioship Shrubite
Species is extinct.
20/134, Symbioship Plague
Creator Hydromancerx Other
Ramospira symbioship
Week/Generation 19/129
Habitat LadyM Ocean (Sunlight Zone), Flisch Coast, King Coast, Krakow Coast, Huggs Coast, Soma Coast, Yokto Coast, Ovi Coast, Clayren Coast, Ittiz Coast, Nuke Coast, BigL Coast, Hydro Coast, Ninth Bay, Truteal Shallows, Xeno Shallows, Dass Shallows
Size 4 m Tall
Support Unknown
Diet Filter-Feeder (Sudisflutans, Flash Cell, Beadline, Irisiri, Gomphioculum Microscopica, Trisphourus, Megaorthoceros Segnoneustes, Padler, Funivenator Organuculus, Sunfeeder, Colony Cell, Glirodlium Istaruthus, Crescoquin Scindestus, Kelpeg, Nibbling Kelpeg, Funivenator Twangeri, Flaorell, Plagble, False Flash Cell, Boiling Fever, Disturbed Infectoid, Diatomoflora Siliporro, Assimilation Floralgae, Flasting, Trikskirt, Doubent, Photolutans, Whipping Cell, Salt Moss, Trimell, Cilliosaltus, Saltychaos, Saleoligament, Filterorm)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Asexual, Budding Proto-Spores

The symbioship shrubite split from its ancestor the glicker shrubite. It now only grows on the underside of the symbioship diamiboard. It has developed a symbiotic relationship where it will absorb excess salt from the symbioship diamiboards in exchange for giving the symbioship diamiboard excess nutrients. These are exchanged the symbioship diamiboard's red fungus-like roots. It also keeps the symbioship diamiboards upright since the symbioship humm tend to tip them over. They of course create more drag they tend to live longer with them attached.

The hard shell of the symbioship shrubite also help cover up the exposed red fungi-like roots. The symbioship hydroglobes sometimes grow on symbioship shrubite which can help keep it stuck on. However its limited since the symbioship hydroballs are constantly in the shadows there and thus cannot grow.

Like its ancestor the symbioship shrubite have smaller conical branches off from the main trunk. They have a hole at the end which siphons in water to filter-feed. Since its upside down compared to its ancestor they face the opposite direction. These take in oxygen, food, expel excess salt and release their proto-spores. If they are covered up they will die.

Living Relatives (click to show/hide)

These are randomly selected, and organized from lowest to highest shared taxon. (This may correspond to similarity more than actual relation)
  • Marine Shrubite (order Spiralolithida)
  • Cochliabite (class Thalattolitha)