Tealspot Cryoutine

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Tealspot Cryoutine
(Cryoutine infucatusmacula)
Artwork of Tealspot Cryoutine
Species is extinct.
23/149, Outcompeted
Creator BioCat Other
Cryoutine infucatusmacula
Week/Generation 17/116
Habitat North Tundra, Allen Ice Cave, Yokto Beach, Flisch Beach, Flisch River, Flisch Lakes, Flisch Marsh, Russ River, Slarti River, Yokto River, Yokto Marsh, Flisch Temperate Forest, Yokto Temperate Forest, Yokto Alpine, Yokto Rocky, Flisch Rocky, Yokto Taiga, Flisch Taiga, Bono Limestone Caves, Sublyme Limestone Caves
Size Microscopic
Support Unknown
Diet Photosynthesis, Parasitic (Immobile Plents, Purple Flora, Black Flora)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Mitosis

The tealspot cryoutine split from both its ancestors and is in fact a symbiotic creature. Some cryosagania from the mountains met the saproutine of the colder biomes in northern Glicker and formed a new symbiotic relationship that in time evolved into a whole new creature. The saproutine descendant forms the ground and base for the colony by growing on living hosts or on stones. The cryosagania descendant photosynthesizes and supports this organism with its needed energy. The saproutine descendant can still drain sap from its hosts but this is hardly necessary for the organism and only boosts up its growth. Because it lives in the cold biomes in the winter it will become dormant. Each cryosagania descendant is connected with its own saproutine descendants, one for each cell in its body.

Living Relatives (click to show/hide)

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  • Maeryoutine (genus Cryoutine)