Volucris Teproutine

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Volucris Teproutine
(Volucris teproutine)
Artwork of Volucris Teproutine
Species is extinct.
23/148, Integrated into Tepoflora
Creator Dass Other
Volucris teproutine
Week/Generation 15/103
Habitat Atmosphere
Size Microscopic
Support Unknown
Diet Consumer (Nimbus)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Binary Fission

Volucris teproutine split from its ancestor. It evolved a chamber filled with nitrogen where the hard shell is, making it airborne. The four flagella have evolved feather like hairs on them to allow it to steer some in the atmosphere, although the wind takes it wherever it blows. Volucris teproutine hunts the nimbus, which has no way of defending itself from predators. To actually prey on the nimbus, Volucris teproutine is also slightly larger than its ancestor.

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None found. Note that this does not necessarily mean it has no living relatives at all, but that, assuming all taxonomy is filled in, its entire phylum is extinct; any relatives it does have likely do not resemble it.