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Sagan 4 team member.

A+/A+ Member: Original creatures. Awesome drawings.

Left Sagan 4; ex-member.

Flisch is an artist from Germany that for a long time was a frequent contributer to Sagan 4 and quite a favourite. His good art won the Diorama contest held when Sagan had its one year anniversary, and many people admire his pictures (both from Sagan 4 and from his other projects and creatures). However Flisch left Sagan 4, something that made a lot of people sad. This was, according to him, because he thought that Sagan wasn't scientific enough, as well as not having a lot of free time to work on Sagan 4 anymore.

Come back, you know you miss us :-p - Yannick

Who he is? My favourite german dude I. the Flying FISH!!! *Does the flisch* Seriously, he's amazing. -Huck.