Chamber Plent

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Chamber Plent
(Cameramancerxia chambera)
Artwork of Chamber Plent
Species is extinct.
13/84, replaced by descendant
Creator Irinya Other
Cameramancerxia chambera
Week/Generation 6/37
Habitat Huggs Rainforest
Size 2.3-2.6 m Tall
Primary Mobility Sessile
Support Unknown
Diet Photosynthesis
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Ectotherm
Reproduction Sexual. Reproduces using the same structures as all sitting plents, however, It's pollen is instead distributed when it sticks to creatures that crawl into the chamber rather than by wind.

The chamber plent branched from the double plent. It originated in the Huggs Temperate Forest. It differs from the double plent in three ways. The first is that its four branches have become fused halfway up the length of each, leaving a chamber of sorts between and below them. The second difference is that the multiple leaves of the double plent have fused along their length to form four large leaves, one on each branch. This it to maximize the use of the reduced branch length that has occurred due to the fusion. The structure of these leaves still shows evidence of their separated past.

The space between the branches still contains the opening in which the reproductive structures of the plents reside. However, this plent has developed several small, juice-filled, petal-like structures around the opening which attract some herbivorous creatures. Any creatures that climb into the chamber rub against the pollen stalk and get pollen stuck to them, and when they visit another tree, they deposit that pollen there.

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