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Image by Dass

Stellar Type: Main sequence dwarf

Spectral Class: G2V

Metallicity: 0.0299

Mean Distance: 1.9448 ×10^11 m (from SaganIV)

Visual Brightness: ?

Absolute Magnitude: ?

Age: 4,625,000,000 years (at Sagan project week 25)

Lifespan: 6,078,300,000 years (5,238,400,000 as main sequence)

Mean Diameter: 1.7818 x10^9 m

Mean Radius: 1.28 solar radii (8.9088 x10^8 m)

Mean Circumference: 5.5976 x 10^9 m

Surface Area: 9.9735 x 10^18 m^2

Volume: 2.9617 x 10^27 m^3

Mass: 1.2592 solar masses (2.5080 x10^30 kg)

Average Density: 0.8468 x 10^3 kg/m^3

Surface Escape Velocity: 612.936 Km/s

Surface Temp: 5823 K (effective temp)

Luminosity: 1.69 solar luminosity (6.5022 x 10^26)

Habitable Zone: 0.75 to 1.6 Au (midpoint 1.3)

Sagan is a G2V spectral class star like our sun. It is a main sequence dwarf star (gets it's energy from nuclear fusion by fusing hydrogen to form helium). It's color is actually an off-white but appears yellow because of atmospheric scattering on Sagan IV. It is 69% more luminous and 29% more massive then our sun albeit only 60% the density of our sun. Sagan's habitable zone lies between 0.75 to 1.6 au.