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6/28/07 I'm having a problem getting thumbnails to work. I'm trying different settings in the PHP file and so far nothing is working. -M

Okay, I got the images to show as thumbnails here but not on the main page -M

Problem fixed -M

Gen 50

6/30/07 No one fill in any species from Gen 50. The habitats are off and too general for this system so i have to go in and list every single biome they are in. This takes forever especially for one in water biomes. In short i don't want to have a biome listed that is not an unofficial one such as "fresh water" or "Inland Soil".

Hydro ~

Finished Gen 50
Hydro ~

Who is doing what Week.

Week 1 = Soma/LadyM - I'm going to help finish this (finished)

Week 2 = Lady M (finished)

Week 3 = Oviraptor (finished)

Week 4 = Yokto & Didero (finished)

Week 5 = Rhodix (finished)

Week 6 = Rhodix (finished)

Week 7 = Oviraptor (finished)

Week 8 = Hydro (finished)

Week 9 = Clayren & Didero (finished)

Week 10 = Didero (finished)

Week 11 = Hydro (finished)

Plz say when your week is finished.

Only users can edit pages

I have added the code that only allows users to edit pages. LadyM July 1, 2007 10:39 EST

Internal Server Error

Clicking on the article section of week 2 is producing an Internal Server Error. I'm not sure why. I contacted the hosting company to see if they can fix it. LadyM 15:43, 3 July 2007 (MDT)


I just noticed that currently have a Hydro savanna and a Hydro Savvanah.

Perhaps we need to pick which version of the word "savanna(h)" we wish to use. --Oviraptor 19:39, 6 July 2007 (MDT)

Week Gallery

Who is doing which week gallery? Here is an example.

Week 1 = Rhodix (done)

Week 2 = LadyM (done)

Week 3 = Ovi / Hydro (Done)

Week 4 = Rhodix (done)

Week 5 = Rhodix (done)

Week 6 = Rhodix (done)

Week 7 = Rhodix (done)

Week 8 = Rhodix (done)

Week 9 = Rhodix (done)

Week 10 = Rhodix (done)

Week 11 = Rhodix (done)

Week 12 = Rhodix (done)

Week 13 = Rhodix (done)

Week 14 = Rhodix

Plz post when your done.