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If you need me, leave a note here, thanks :). Mason11987 03:01, 29 June 2007 (MDT)

My work: Template:Species, Template:Ecosystems

Extant / Extinct Problem

Extant and Extinct will not show up anymore in the species templates.

Hydromancerx 18:16, 1 July 2007 (MDT)

Working on it. Mason11987 21:39, 29 June 2007 (MDT)
Done. Mason11987 21:50, 29 June 2007 (MDT)

Taxonomy Breaking the Box

When the taxonomy fields are filled in the break up the template box. See Protosagana for an example of it.

18:16, 1 July 2007 (MDT)

This seems to be working now. At the moment Template:Species requires all taxonomy be filled if any is. If you'd prefer me to change that, I can do so. Also, don't put in Quote marks. Mason11987 22:02, 29 June 2007 (MDT)

Habitat Also Breaking The Box

Habitat doesn't want to auto-wrap in the template box, either. See Roaming Plent for an example. The code used for it is as follows:
|habitat = Hydro-Nuke Savanna
|habitat2 = Wright Rainforest
|habitat3 = Nuke Swamp
|habitat4 = Ovi-Hydro Plains
- Somarinoa

Fixed. Mason11987 21:59, 29 June 2007 (MDT)

Creator's Creations

Next to a Creator's name there is a hyperlink that says "more". Except its left red and will not show all the creations specifically Somarinoa made.

Hydromancerx 18:16, 1 July 2007 (MDT)

It shows all his creatures. It's red because the page itself - Category:Species by Somarinoa - hasn't been made yet. Mason11987 22:08, 29 June 2007 (MDT)

Week and Generation

With he new Week/Generation field nothing shows up. If you go to the week page or the generation page no species shows up anymore.

18:17, 1 July 2007 (MDT)

Explained. Mason11987 00:54, 30 June 2007 (MDT)

Ancestor / Decedents

Protosagana's decedents were put in but they do not show up. However if you go from the decedents they do go backwards to the ancestor.

18:17, 1 July 2007 (MDT)

Descendants will come soon. Ancestor(s) should work perfectly now. Mason11987 00:54, 30 June 2007 (MDT)

Gen 55

I put in the code for generations with the little ## for the number and it links back to the page below but gen 55 is not showing up (which was the link i lciked on with the code)

What did i do wrong?

Hydromancerx 18:16, 1 July 2007 (MDT)

When I said use ##, I meant replace ## with the corresponding numbers. Like 1 would be "01" and 10 would be "10". I changed it. Mason11987 17:26, 30 June 2007 (MDT)

Some creatures aren't showing

I attempted to add a creature Protokrakocia Pentapseudoflagellis, it's a week 1/gen 2. It was already listed (added) but is not showing up in the week 1 list, the gen 2 list or under creator Krakow Sam. I added one of Oviraptor's, Goliathpseudopodia and it seemed to add just fine. It show's up in all the lists. Is there a reason some of these aren't showing up on the lists? I notice that Krakow Sam has several not showing up. LadyM 19:36, 30 June 2007 (EST)

It's because the name in the name= field wasn't exactly the same as the page name. I'm editing the creature creation inputbox so that that can't happen again. Mason11987 17:44, 30 June 2007 (MDT)

Lower Case Mistake

A name was put in by mistake with a lower case "f". How cane we fix it to be a capitol?

Hydromancerx 18:15, 1 July 2007 (MDT)

'Move' tab only available to sysops (and perhaps other users after some time limit). I moved it. Mason11987 01:18, 1 July 2007 (MDT)

Template Request

Yokto: You should put the spacing right after the = and you need to put a comment on where to write in the description.

Info Box Colors

While the boxes you made are wicked cool, the ugly gray color you chose for them isn't so great. :P I was fiddling with colors and this color looks much better, in my opinion. I'm not sure how to do it, but how can all the pages be changed so that one doesn't have to go to each page and change each one? (And if it IS possible, tell me how you did it, don't just do it, cause I want to learn how to do things, too) --Oviraptor 10:23, 1 July 2007 (MDT)

Well... I made it so that the color can be optional, for each page. There are a few options we're left with:
  1. We can change the Template:Species so that the "backcolor" property is ignored, and it just puts in the color of your choosing (#CEC1F9)
  2. We can change remove the color from each option and then change the default to the color of your choosing
  3. We can leave the default as is, but change each page to the color of your choosing.

What it would require

  1. Editing Template:Species which is perhaps the most complicated template I've ever made. Doing "Ctrl-F" to find this text {{{backcolor|#FFFFFF}}} and replace it with #CEC1F9, then removing the references to a "backcolor" option in the documentation (the stuff within the <noinclude></noinclude> tags. Might want to also do the bulleted thing below.
  2. Same as above, but replace {{{backcolor|#FFFFFF}}} with {{{backcolor|#CEC1F9}}}, then update every page in the Species Category.
    • I (or any admin) can also change this and this. The former is what is automatically pasted into your textbox when you use the inputbox on the main page (we can remove the #BBBBBB) and the latter is the instructions shown on the page about the textbox when you use that inputbox (we can remove the #BBBBBB from that as well).
  3. Would just require updating every page in the Species Category, and we may want to do the bulleted option above.

1 is by far the simplest, but the other choices are do-able as well. Mason11987 11:52, 1 July 2007 (MDT)

Well, KISS, right? Just about everything you said went over my head, but that's okay, that's what learning is, right? ;) So I'd go with one, is that's the simplest. --Oviraptor 12:05, 1 July 2007 (MDT)

User list link error

Just so you know, I know you were testing there. I'm still working on the php code, no luck yet. I've been testing the sample to see if it works. --LadyM 17:51, 1 July 2007 (MDT) I fixed it, it works (the extension file), go try it!! --LadyM 18:45, 1 July 2007 (MDT)

Extra Category

There is a biome category that is not supose to be there. As you can see it was put in by mistake and is fixed for the creature but is still left over. How do you get rid of those categories?

Hydromancerx 00:18, 2 July 2007 (MDT)

If there is a category that has no pages in it, and you don't need it, just click "delete" on the top to remove it, I did so with these. Mason11987 T - T:S 10:15, 2 July 2007 (MDT)


There is a _ between most of the hyperlinks with 2 words.

Hydromancerx 02:51, 2 July 2007 (MDT)

pasted in to word. Find "_" replace with " " (no quotes). IF there are more, I'm sure you can handle that :) Mason11987 T - T:S 10:18, 2 July 2007 (MDT)

Species by Biocat / BioCat

Can you make these all one by changing them all to "Biocat"?

Hydromancerx 03:52, 2 July 2007 (MDT)

Just edited them, and deleted the BioCat category. Mason11987 T - T:S 10:19, 2 July 2007 (MDT)
Wait, isn't it supposed to be "BioCat"? That's what the name is registered as on Gaming Steve. [1] --Oviraptor 15:54, 2 July 2007 (MDT)

extant exctict problem.

The value do not follow logic. The code "extant = 1 (extant = yes)" should mean the species is still alive but the opposite is true. This is counterintuitive. I know that the reason for this is that you start to count with 0. But that still dose not make it correct. Simplest fix it to change the wording to say "extinct = 1" i think. If this is not changed then anyone new to the system will most likely get it wrong without instruction or may get it wrong later (because it counterintuitive to traditional boolean logic.)

If you can please fix it.

Yokto 07:11, 2 July 2007 (MDT)

Fair enough, I will change the documentation. Mason11987 T - T:S 10:20, 2 July 2007 (MDT)

Weeks aren't showing under species by week

When clicking species, then sort by week, the only week that shows up is week one. Shouldn't they all be listed? Species by Week LadyM 07:17, 2 July 2007 (MDT)

Yup, fixed. Mason11987 T - T:S 10:30, 2 July 2007 (MDT)

Missing bottom box

Cross referencing bar is not showing up at the bottom.

There are more here

Hydromancerx 07:36, 2 July 2007 (MDT)

See discussion above. Fixed. Mason11987 T - T:S 10:31, 2 July 2007 (MDT)
Fixed by moving them to all-caps versions, if they move a species page, be sure to edit the "name" property to be exactly the same as the title, or categories won't show up. Mason11987 T - T:S 10:33, 2 July 2007 (MDT)

Week 13 Ecosystem Page

How do i get this to show up on the top bar? I want week 13 to be the same as week 12. Then during this week i can actively change things as creatures evolve or go extinct. Then i will lock it in place for the next week. Etc

Hydromancerx 03:49, 4 July 2007 (MDT)

You'd have to edit the template. You can get to the template by clicking edit on the page, then finding "Template:Ecosystems" at the botttom. You can follow that and edit it there. I'll let you look into it and see if you can figure out how to add weeks (as I'm gonna do a similar thing with gens which will require fairly frequent updating) so someone should take a look at them besides me. If you have questions let me know. Mason11987 T - T:S 01:33, 5 July 2007 (MDT)
I Found it here...
But how do i edit the code? I have never done one like that before.
Hydromancerx 22:02, 5 July 2007 (MDT)

Ecosystems need maps

The ecosystems need the labeled biome maps back. That way people can look at the map for reference when looking at the species in each biome. Otherwise they have togo back out to the main menu look up a place then come back and look again. If its on the page they take a peak, jup to the biome they want based on the map and thats it.

03:58, 4 July 2007 (MDT)

First: make sure you use four tildes, not five. :). Secondly... those can just be copied over from sporewiki, they got lost in my reconfiguring of the pages (some of them at least). It's just a simply copy paste for like 8 pages. Mason11987 T - T:S 01:29, 5 July 2007 (MDT)

Another Extinct/Extant Problem!

Okay, it's not really a problem, but I made some new Extinct and Extant images. I would have just changed the file, but they have a different extension. So is it possible to just change something in the template and have it update automatically for each? Here are the files: and --Oviraptor 09:27, 4 July 2007 (MDT)

Done, looks MUCH better. Mason11987 T - T:S 01:28, 5 July 2007 (MDT)

Krakow Rocky (On the bellies and sides of Rocky Bearhogs)

I tried to delete this biome but it won't delete. :/ It should only be Krakow Rocky. Not all the () stuff.

Hydromancerx 07:28, 15 July 2007 (MDT)

Ancestor Decendents not working

Their decendent/ancestor field are not working.

It should go Tidepool -> Ocean Floor -> Deep Ocean Floor -> LadyM Deep Sea Floor

Hydro ~

No. of Habitats Limit

20 habitats won't be enough for some of the new creatures, especially microbes. Can you update the Species Template so it can have more?

- Neoskel

Need your help!

I need your help setting up a new template.

Hydro ~

Bunch of Stuff Dec 30 2008

Ok so here is the bunch of stuff i need help with.

Making a template wizards ...

The new one are the biomes and landmarks. They go to already made templates but cannot make new ones. I need one that will have a template like the species page do.

I think id did somthign wrong with this since the into shows but the preload template doesn't

This seems fine, when you view MediaWiki:NewBiomePreload it won't show anything unless you do edit. That's because it has to be in <includeonly></includeonly> tags. But if you use the wizard you will see it's working fine. Mason11987 T - T:S 20:56, 7 January 2009 (MST)

I also did what you said and made a Intro and preload for Landmarks.

These seem fine too, same thing with the preload, can't see it unless you're in edit. But if you use the wizard it works just fine. Mason11987 T - T:S 21:00, 7 January 2009 (MST)

They have name, week, creator, image, extant and habitat. Description will go on at the side as text. I would like the catagory name to be called Landmark.

I also think i got out all the old tribal templates you helped me with before. If you see any please point them out so i can delete.

In short whatever goes in Template:Landmark and Template:Biome is what i need help with.

EDIT: Here is an example landmark if you need to test.

Working on Template:Landmark now..., all set now. Mason11987 T - T:S 21:30, 7 January 2009 (MST)

Hydro ~

Alright, I'm getting to work on this right now... Mason11987 T - T:S 20:51, 7 January 2009 (MST)

Thumbnail Problems

Hydro (March 26, 2011): We are having problems with the thumbnails. Please help. You can see the problem here.