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Turquoise-Helmed Lizalope is an example of Binucleozoa.

Binucleozoa includes all of the "Worms" and Crystal Flora on Sagan 4.

Domain: Eukaryota

Superkingdom: Hexasaganizoa
Kingdom: Binucleozoa

Subkingdom - Crystallozoa

Crystallozoa includes all of the Crystal Flora on Sagan 4.

Division - Eucrystalita

(basal marine crystals)

Division - Pyamicrystalita


Division - Oracrystalita


Division - Cavacrystalita


Division - Navicrystalita


Division - Stochocrystalita

(Terrace Crystals)

Subkingdom - Symbiovermes

Symbiovermes includes all of the "Worms" on Sagan 4.

Phylum - Conchovermizoa


Phylum - Palaeovermes


Phylum - Pterigiophora

(Beakworms and Gilltails)

Phylum - Thoracocephalia

(Wingworms, Saucebacks, Scuttlecrabs, and all their close relatives)

Class – Eothoracocephalia
The Beach Thornworm, the ancestor of all other Thoracocephalians

(early land-worms)

Class – Optidorsalia

(wingworms, derivatives, and cousins)

Subphylum - Vermitheria


Class – Crurivermes

(murkworms and early beastworms)

Superclass – Cephalischia


Class – Eucephalischia
Class – Hesperognatha

(four-jawed saucebacks)

Class – Dromeodonta

(tusked saucebacks)

Class - Ornitheria

(ornitheres/birdlike saucebacks)

Class - Entomocarcinia


Class - Saurovermes


Class - Archaeoherpetia