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Grassing Shellwalker is an example of Thoracocephalia.

Thoracocephalia includes all of the descendants of the Beach Thornworm.

Domain: Eukaryota
Superkingdom: Hexasaganizoa
Kingdom: Binucleozoa
Subkingdom: Symbiovermes
Phylum: Thoracocephalia

Class – Eothoracocephalia

The Beach Thornworm, the ancestor of all other Thoracocephalians

(early land-worms)

Order – Harenavermiformes

(Beach Thornworm)

Order - Ophistophagia

Order - Textorivermes


Class – Optidorsalia

(wingworms, derivatives, and cousins)

Order - Prepennigeria

(Pollenivorous Silkworm and Floating Silkworm)

Order - Plumosovermes


Order - Dakocerata


Order - Peltosaprovermiformes

(Plencarrion Rasper)

Order - Pteravermes

(early wingworms and flyworms)

Order - Dodecaptera

(primitive crown-wingworms)

Order - Poaptera


Order - Aculeiptera


Order - Criniptera


Order - Lingualiptera


Order - Odontosynoptera

(greater vermee clade)

Order - Paradendrovermes


Order - Dendrovermes


Order - Naiadoptera


Order - Cataleipoptera


Subphylum - Vermitheria


Class – Crurivermes

(murkworms and early beastworms)

Order – Remihelminthes

(basal murkworms)

Order – Siderobdelliformes

(rustworms and shellwalkers)

Order – Therovermiformes


Superclass – Cephalischia


Class – Eucephalischia

Order - Archaecephalischia

(earliest saucebacks)

Class – Hesperognatha

(four-jawed saucebacks)

Order - Tetramastagiformes

Class – Dromeodonta

(tusked saucebacks)

Subclass – Archaedromeodonta

(early tusked saucebacks)

Order - Manioraliformes

(early tusked saucebacks)

Order - Plumatheriformes

(early feathered saucebacks)

Order - Ensiures

(scorpion and dagger saucebacks)

Clade – Eudromeodonta

(cloven-hooved saucebacks)

Order - Diplungulata

(basal cloven sauces)

Subclass Metaverma

(Metamorphic Saucebacks)

Order - Parvoremigeria


Order - Cryptosagmatia


Subclass - Neodromeodonta

(post-snowball saucebacks)

Order - Apatodromeodonta

(Basal post-snowball saucebacks)

Order - Placopulmonates

(harnessbacks and derivatives)

Order - Panemverma


Order - Hagloxia


Order - Tateatama

(beak-snouted saucebacks)

Order - Secretorostra

(lipped saucebacks)

Superorder - Labilivermifromes


=Order - Labiliverma=

(Basal Logworms)

=Order - Quattuorgnatha=


Class - Ornitheria

(ornitheres/birdlike saucebacks)

Superorder - Lumenoculaformes

(non-biat ornitheres)

Order - Lumenocula

(Basal ornitheres)

Subclass - Sceloptera


Order - Caudoptera

(Basal long-tailed biats)

Order - Falcothera


Order - Atopoptera


Order - Volucra

(Ferry Quail)

Class - Entomocarcinia


Class - Saurovermes


Class - Archaeoherpetia