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Adhesives, Silks and Glues

Double Sap Gene Mutation

Effect: Builds up the base of the roots creating a calcite cone.

Example(s): Ruby Cruster


Gossamer Molecules

Effect: Gossamer is protein fiber made to make silk. It can be used to build webs, cocoons, nests or just to help climb.

Example(s): Silk-Sandworm, Weaving Scuttlecrab, Fortress Weavercrab, Stickysilk Scuttlecrab


Lignin Molecules

Effect: Lignin is chemical that keeps flora leaves stiff. This stiffness makes the flora unattractive to most herbivores, and allows the leaves to grow taller without bending. It also makes the leaves pure yellow in color.

Example(s): Arudamarg

Divisives, Acids and Dissolvers


Chitinase Molecule

Effect: Chitinase are digestive enzymes that break down glycosidic bonds in chitin

Example(s): Chitinbane, Desert Chitinbane


Cellulase Molecule

Effect: Cellulase is a strong chemical that dissolves cellulose.

Example(s): Cellulosebane Crystal

Bioluminecents, Phosphorescents, and Pigments


Capsaicin Molecule

Effect: Luciferin is a biological substance which glows when oxidized. the flashcell luciferin emits a green light.

Example(s): Flashline