Sauceback Plague

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Sauceback Plague
(Megapestilentia vermitherium)
Artwork of Sauceback Plague
Species is extinct.
18/123, replaced by descendant
Creator Hydromancerx Other
Megapestilentia vermitherium
Week/Generation 10/68
Habitat Inside or On Other Species
Size Microscopic
Primary Mobility Unknown
Support Unknown
Diet Saucebacks
Respiration Passive Diffusion
Thermoregulation Ectotherm
Reproduction Mitosis

Sauceback plague split from sauceback fever. Once in a while a feathered sauceback would hunt the black-winged noboms at the South Tundra and then make its way upper the globe to Huggs Temperate Forest. However the native saucebacks would always block them from gaining any foot hold. However disease can spread when they are in contact. Since the sauceback line on Wright had no such disease they were totally vulnerable to the sauceback fever and thus it spread and mutated across Wright.

Once spread it killed off many of the native species and thus left the following Saucebacks...

Wright Rainforest: Tusked Sauceback

Hydro-Nuke Savanna: Barbarian Sauceback

Ovi-Hydro Plains: Feathered Sauceback

Ittiz-Nuke Alpine: Lightfoot Sauceback

Ittiz-Ovi Desert: Signaling Sauceback

Ittiz Rocky: Lightfoot Sauceback

Thus it killed off all the rest in those areas and completely killed off the leaping sauceback in Wright, but they still exist on Glicker. The barbed sauceback is extinct now. Nature has a way of thinning the populations when they get over populated. Perhaps this will cause each species left to better adapt to their own biome.

Unlike its ancestors it no longer spreads via sauceback droppings but is airborne. It causes the sauceback to cough and weeze and have runny breathing holes. It spreads very quickly because of this new method. In its later stages it causes a high fever and chills. This increase in temperature will literally kill its cells and cause it to die. It takes a few days for it to incubate thus allowing it to spread before the creature even knows it.

The saucebacks on Glicker have a natural immunity to this line of bacteria and thus were hardly effected.

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