Generation 87

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Disaster (Drought)
 A decades long drought has plagued the Southwestern part of Glicker. Due to this 
 drought some of the flora has become extinct and thus effected the fauna that 
 eats it. Over all most of the species in Flisch-Krakow Rainforest, Irinya River, 
 Irinya Swamp, Krakow Temperate Forest biomes have thinned out. The following 
 species have become extinct in these region (but not in other biomes where 
 they still live).
 o Carnofern
 o Crystal Solar Tower
 o Darkpalm
 o Flying Dart
 o Southern Crystal Tree
 o Stickyballs
 o Thorny-Butt Nobit
 o Treeballs
 o Twelve-Winged Worm