Anti-Sticky Plague

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Anti-Sticky Plague
(Pestilentia nevelcro)
Artwork of Anti-Sticky Plague
Species is extinct.
16/109, Supershroom
Creator BioCat Other
Pestilentia nevelcro
Week/Generation 16/105
Habitat Inside or On Other Species
Size Microscopic
Support Unknown
Diet Stickyballs Family
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Mitosis
Descendant of Ancestor of

This disease evolved when stickyballs in Glicker attached to plents infected with plent fever. Mutated plent fever organisms that could survive both in the plents and in their new hosts spread into the sickyballs. There they have damaged their sticking mechanism to the point of its destruction after a few days making the stickyballs none sticky and breaking their clusters. This meant for many species the death of the organism. The disease spread to many other relatives of the stickyballs in Glicker that used that mechanism as well and is still carried by plents though it has no effect on them until they host new stickyballs.

The loss of stickiness not only effected those who held themselves together but those that depended upon it for reproduction. Thus if they could not spread their sticky spores they could not reproduce and ultimately died out. It damaged the stickyballs population all around Glicker and drove the freshwater raftballs, rubric sticky-cube, stickymaw, spikeyball shrub, red-crowned spikeyshrub, fivekind spikeyshrub, globerope, turd plant, sticky fruit, black swampshroom, insaneshroom, clustershroom, mawring and tumortree to the point of extinction.

The only ones that survived were the reefballs who were protected by the ocean and those species isolated on Huggs and Yokto Island. Also the cropshroom was saved because its reproduction is managed by hand by the diggerundi. However it did make it harder for them to harvest now. It still exists in this one surviving species.

Since so many of theses species were the base of the food chain some secondary creatures also died out because of this missing food source. They include the sweetback, globnog, thornlip, shroom-thief plent (Huggs Temperate Forest), pentoptho, sandtrap, and sunner.

Living Relatives (click to show/hide)

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  • Pestilence (genus Pestilentia)