Generation 115

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Disaster (Cave-in)
 A massive  earthquake shakes the Yokto region. This causes a cave-in the Rabid 
 sandstone caves. The cave mouth is completely blocked off  from the outside world
 (except for some small air holes which do not bring in any light). Its only opening 
 now is to Yokto water table. All the sun dependent flora (Quillblades and Cave Pear) 
 have died out in the cave  because of this. Those that  survive depend a food chain 
 based upon the lithovore microbes. The survivors include;
   o Nightstrainer
   o Cave Earback
   o Frabooball
   o Cave Nizzard
   o Spelun Ketter
   o Cave Night Glider
   o Lithoamoeba
   o Sporetower Lithoamoeba
   o Cave Fever
   o Albino Serpentsaur