Generation 133

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Disaster (Drought)
 A decades long drought has plagued the western part of Drake. The rivers dried up
 and the rainforests had many wildfires. Thus many species became extinct due to
 the lack of water or because they were burnt in the wildfires. The biomes effected
 were Detoxic River, Detoxic Marsh, West Drake Taiga, West Drake Boreal and
 the western part of Drake Temperate Rainforest. All species microbe species
 became extinct in Detoxic River and Detoxic Marsh. The glass flora just accelerated
 the fires and helped burn down much of the crystal flora. Thus collapsing already
 struggling ecosystems. The only survivors were some land microbes that could
 live in dry soil. After the drought was over the wildfires ended, the rains returned
 and the river flowed again.