Generation 128

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Disaster (Super Earthquake)
 A massive  earthquake shakes the Hydro region. This causes a cascading effect 
 causing the Blood Lava Tube Sea Caves to cave-in, erupions of the 
 Hydro Volcanic region  and tsunami hitting Hydro Coast, Ovi Coast,
 Ninth Bay, South Polar Coast and even Huggs Coast and Krakow Coast. 
 Blood Lava Tube Sea Caves is now blocked off from the coastline however
 since it had no species within it nothing became extinct within the sea caves. 
 The effect of the eruptions of Hydro Volcanic killed off all macro species. 
 This included the Caveberry, Sulfuric Nobit and Windbulb. The effects
 of the tsunami caused massive flooded across Hydro Beach, Ovi Beach,
 Ninth Bay Beach, Huggs Beach and Krakow Beach. This means that 
 all non-amphibious or flying species within these biomes died. This included; 
 Desert Chitinbane, Saltail, Round Currybug, Scurry Currybug,
 Scraping Currybug, Bouncer Currybug, Ghastrish, Salt Puff, 
 Salty Spade-Leaf, and Tower Saltpuff. The following species indirectly
 went extinct within the effected biomes due to the above species going extinct;
 Puffworm, Beach-Phlyer, Powder Petitworm, Worm Phlyer.