Week 14

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Generation 90

Disaster (Volcano)
 A Volcano Erupts in Huggs Temperate Forest. This kills off all species over 1 m tall that 
 were directly dependent upon those larger species. Huggs Island, Huggs River and Huggs 
 Rainforest were mildly effected as well but no species went extinct in them. As you can 
 see its not much of a forest anymore due to the lack of trees. The following creatures 
 now survive in Huggs Temperate Forest.
  Huggs Temperate Forest
  o Feathered Silkworm
  o Pluzzurd
  o Stickyballs
  o Stickyball Licker
  o Sagworm Catcher
  o Foliage Worm
  o Mawshroom
  o Twelve-Winged Worm
  o Star-Tongued Gulper
  o Nidbin
  o Teproutine
  o Shroom-Gulper Plent
  o Insaneshroom
  o Stalkshroom
  o Glowshroom
  o Flying Dart
  o Ketter
  o Lanced Ketter
  o Shrew Lizard
  o Mawring
  o Nouse
  o Speedy Gulper
  o Soriparasite
  o Norat
  o Fork Ketter
  o Xidhorchia

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