Week 25

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Week 25 Landmarks

Generation 155

Disaster (Death of Mason)

 Despite the tenacity of the species of Mason the end had finally come. With near vacuum
 atmosphere any gasses and water evaporated into space. The reef which helped contain these
 vital elements lost them over time until they reach a tipping point. The ecosystem collapse
 and within a blink of an eye the species of Mason were extinguished. The precious water that
 once sustained Mason was a ring around Sagan 4. However even that disappeared from sight and 
 fell to the surface. So much so that the oceans of Sagan 4 rose up yet again. Now having even 
 deeper oceans. Many islands disappeared into the deep. While one world disparately needed 
 water the other was engulfed by it. All that was left on Mason were the dried out fossils 
 of the amazing species that once roamed around on its surface. Even the caves and caverns 
 that once hid the species from the harsh radiation of species crumbled and were exposed. 
 Mason was dead, but it had a good run.

Generation 156

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